The Husky's Kennel

Sometime Things Just Can't Be Unseen...

Welcome to Arti Husky's Kennel :3

Here you will find all sorts of random things from the kennel of the husky, mostly this site will contain some pieces of his sketches as well some info about who the husky is and the ongoings of his life.

Enjoy your time exploring about on here! :3

Who is Arti Husky?

Arti Husky, otherwise know as Artimises Scratchpaw, is a 22 year old Siberian Husky hailing from Sydney, Australia. Currently in his third year of university, this husky travels through life exploring everything he can while discovering new things at every nook and cranny.

Being describe as a happy-go-lucky fur, Arti has been able to help whoever he can by cheering them up and ensuring they are feeling better than what they were while also acting as a supporting pillar for all those that he knows, trying to be there at all times when in need of assistance.

The husky has a few interests and likes and they include the following:

  • Cuddling/Snuggling
  • Chillaxing to music
  • Watching anime and TV shows
  • Drawing (Even though he's no good at it)
  • Exploring and Adventuring into new places
  • Meeting new people and furs
  • Helping out whenever he can
  • Bopping about and being silly at times
  • Getting out there and living life
If you ever want to know more about who Arti Husky is, just contact him and he'll tell you more about you who he is :)